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Redesigning what it means to begin again

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Only through a living curriculum will a child's real potential be seen. 

Is your class environment lacking imagination and learning experiences? Is learning predominantly done at tables or desks? Is learning rarely done outdoors? 

Do you want to be a leading School who stands out from others in transforming the way children learn? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then get in touch to see how we can help you transform both indoor and outdoor environments to instill excitement and passion back into schools for both teacher and students. 


We offer a wide range of workshops for both educators, leaders, students and parents. 

We strive to champion a new model of education focused on instilling students with the tools, ambition and persona to be successful future leaders. 

By offering creative, hands-on models of teaching and effective and inspiring classroom environments we hope to transform the education system for the better. 

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Relocating to Sweden? We help navigate families through the education pathways from nursery up to University. Independent of any school related biases, we act for the best of each individual family. With tours of education institutions, explanations on the styles of curriculums on offer and assistance with enrollment, we allow for a smooth transition into learning in Sweden.

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