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Sweden Growing up WILD

The term Forest-school has gathered pace across the Europe and the rest of the world over the last few years, with teachers in rigid government led systems, looking to escape the classroom and their never ending workload of assessments and marking which they feel is stunting children's growth.

'Ur och Skor' meaning 'rain or shine', is used to describe a preschool where almost all the time is spent outdoors. It certainly isn't for every parent or child and you do need to know your child's personality and whether this is something they would benefit from.

The thing about Sweden though is the curriculum is built in a way which puts a lot of emphasis on nature and discovery. Something as simple as taking your classroom outside can provide a powerful reset for your children's mental health as well as your own— and research is proving it. With demands for distance-learning or strict social distancing within schools,

When it comes to understanding the healing effects of nature, trust the

outdoors-loving Scandinavians to have the edge.

With the motto 'There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing', you can expect your child to spend a good percentage of their day outdoors.

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