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Elementary Classroom


Professional Educational Consultant

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, we will provide you with professional development every step of the way and create a workshop or whole year training program to suit your goals whether it be with pre-school, primary or After-school club. 

Workshops for teachers: Welcome

Continuous provision in the classroom or outdoors

This course is ideal for teachers and support staff working in preschool up to grade 1. With the focus on teaching, supporting and challenging children's skills and goals as opposed to the activity, we will show you how to create a rich learning space with open-ended, accessible, flexible, large scale and skills-driven provisions as well as share with you how your role as a teacher and facilitator changes to allow for observation and assessment of learning.

Classroom environment

The classroom environment plays an integral part in a child's ability to concentrate, to be inspired, to be challenged and to be supported. If you can create a positive environment with opportunities for play and enquiry, children will thrive and most importantly, learn. This course is ideal for schools who want to instill their teachers with the knowledge and understanding to be able to mirror the ideas, values, attitudes, and cultures of those who use the space and would like uniformed design in terms of the curriculum boards and personal goals.


After-School Program support

We can offer continuous mentoring and training for after-school staff to create a meaningful, inspiring club which students, parents and staff want to be part of.

Workshops for teachers: Services
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