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Student Workshops

Implemented into the curriculum goals

professional development
Family with Tablet
professional development workshop

Mental Health Awareness

Shining a spotlight on the importance of children's mental and physical wellbeing, this workshop offers a comprehensive approach to Children's mental health. This workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop to each grade level or focus on specific grade levels to run across the entire year as part of a Mental health program, working with both teachers, students and parents.

Are you ok?

Awareness is at the centre of our anti-bullying program. Our program is aimed at primary school children and adapted for younger and older audiences. 

9/10 children don't tell an adult when they are being bullied, 'Are you ok?' strives to spread a message of togetherness and encourage conversation between adults and children and equip everyone to ask 

regularly and meaningfully, 'Are you ok?'. 

This workshop can be adapted to be delivered as a one-off workshop or run across the school year as a whole Anti-bullying program for your school, working with both teachers, students and parents. 

Themed workshop

This workshop offers hand-on learning and discovery and is specifically adapted for young students from Kindergarten-Grade 3 based on their unit theme. 
A 3 hour workshop, we can kick-off your new unit in style and create a sense of wonder, questioning and excitement. 
From learning about Life Cycles, The body, Solar System or more, we can be sure to create great learning opportunities for all. This workshop can also be adapted to be aimed at teachers who need further experience in hands-on teaching.

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